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Hey there, I'm Kosta Viennas, and I'm a photographer working and living in Baltimore, Maryland.


Photography has long been a passion of mine that I am very fortunate to do for a living now. I firmly believe in the power of photography--the feelings and emotions that they can elicit. Whether it's a landscape, wedding, birthday party, or any other place/moment in time, a photograph takes us back and acts as a reminder of what we've experienced. 

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I love to tell stories. That's part of the reason why I love photography so much--I get to tell the stories behind each of the photos I've taken. Here's one of my favorites: 


The Sunrise That Almost Wasn't

Over the last couple years, I've been making an attempt to travel to the various national parks around the country. Acadia in Maine was at the top of my list. My hope was to photograph a spectacular sunrise at the top of Cadillac Mountain. I arrive at the peak 20 minutes before sunrise and see nothing but clouds. As the sun rose, the clouds remained in place. I didn't get to see the beautiful explosion of colors in the sky that I had hoped for. So I took a couple other photos, grabbed my things and started walking back to my car. I stop to take one last look of the view, and there was the slightest crack in the clouds that let through these amazing rays of light. I quickly took my camera back out and nabbed the picture you see here. Less than a minute after that, the rays of light were gone, but the feeling I got in that moment was exhilarating; and I have this photo to remind me of that feeling. 

That's just one of many stories that I enjoy sharing with others, and, whenever I work with new clients, I like to hear their stories as well. I look forward to hearing your story and photographing new memories that you'll be able to share with others. 

All the best, 

-- Kosta  


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